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How it works

Send us the data of your solar system. Create an account and get an overview of your energy output in cool graphs.

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Setup the enecsys gateway so it will send us your inverter data.

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Information about the Monitor

Some features we are offering in our monitor.

  • Live energy production, totally and per inverter
  • Alert through e-mail when something seems wrong
  • Insight in earnings of your solar system
  • Total energy output in days, months, years and lifetime
  • iOS and Android App
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Find all the anwsers to your questions. Or contact us when you have any other question.

What is this website about?

This website is for everybody who has solar panels with Enecsys Inverters. Enecsys, the company who build the inverters, doesn't exist anymore. The monitoring Enecsys offered is also not available anymore. This website with the monitoring service is an alternative for the Enecsys monitoring.

We are in no way connected with the former company Enecsys UK Limited.

Which inverters do you support?

Currently we only support Enecsys Generation 1 inverters. At this moment we have no intention to support Generation 2 inverters.

Can you garantee that this service will be available in the future?

The founder of this website and monitoring service has build it to get an overview of his own enecsys solar system. We can not predict what will happen in the future, but we guess that this service will be online for a very long time.

I followed the steps for configuring the Gateway, but it's not working

First off all, check if the smiley on the gateway is happy. If not, then your gateway has no connection with the internet. Be sure that your gateway is connected to the internet. Second, check if the icon on the bottom left on the LCD-display of your gateway shows 2 connected screens. That means your Gateway has a connection with our server. If you see a cross in the icon with the 2 screens, then your gateway has no connection with our server. If your gateway is not connected then please go through the configuration of the gateway once more to be sure you configured it correctly. If that is also not solving the problem we advice you to have a look at the installation guide for more information: installationGuideEnecsys.pdf

What are the credentials of the Enecsys gateway?

The default credentials are:

Username: admin
Password: password

Why do I have to give you the serialnumbers of my inverters?

Each inverter has a unique serial number (e.g. 110011110). The gateway is sending us data from every inverter with the serialnumber as unique identifier. So if you won't tell us which inverters you have, we cannot show you any data in the monitor.

I don't know the serialnumbers of my inverters

Go to http://[your gateway ip]/ajax.xml and get the values between <deviceN>. Each value is a hexadecimal presentation of the serialnumbers of your inverters. Click here to open a website where you can convert the hexadecimal values to the serialnumbers you are looking for.

I have setup the serialnumbers of my inverters in my account, but no data is collected

It takes up to 30 minutes before new registered inverters are whitelisted in our monitoring service. When your inverters are approved in our service, the data will be collected.

Not all of my inverters are showing data in the monitoring

First of all, check if the serialnumber is correct. If so, then it is possible that your gateway is not getting any data from the inverter. In that case the inverter and gateway reset their communication during night, so check if the inverter is showing data during the next day. If your inverter serialnumber is correct and it is not showing data for a few days, then it could be broken. We advise you to let a professional take a look at it.

Why can you show me lifetime data in the monitor?

Every inverter has a counter that represents the total power (watt) that the connected solar panels collected. Every few seconds we receive the updated total power of an inverter. With that in mind we can present you lifetime data and also current data that gets updated every few seconds.

What happens with my data?

Al the data we collect is used for this service only. We are not sharing your data with anybody else. We are also not using the data for any other meaning then giving you insight in your solar system through our monitor.


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